The guest list is starting to shape up! Come meet:

Mark Racop, owner of Fiberglass Freaks

At the age of seventeen, Racop built his first 1966 Batmobile replica, and now he builds 1966 Batmobile replicas for a living. These aren’t model kits, or radio controlled cars–no. Racop’s replicas are full-scale, driveable cars that have sold all over the world. Racop has completed twenty-seven of these cars. In 2010, D.C. Comics and Warner Brothers licensed Racop to build them as officially licensed products.

Johnny Green, of Johnny Green and the Greenmen

Johnny toured over 100 countries, toured with the Rolling Stones and the Beatles, played for the President and First Lady of the US, taught Gene Simmons of KISS to breathe fire, toured with Bob Hope in Vietnam, and played at the 25th anniversary of Woodstock.” His most famous stint for us Batfans was in the episode “Surf’s Up, Joker’s Under,” playing music on the beach during the surfing contest between Batman and the Joker.

Philo Barnhart, Disney Animator and Comic Artist

“Silver Phoenix Presents, Second Generation Disney legend PHILO BARNHART.” Philo Barnhart is professional film animator living in Oak Park, IL, known for his work on feature-length films: “The Little Mermaid,” “Beauty and the Beast,” “The Rescuers Down Under,” “The Secret of NIMH,” “Happily Ever After,” “An American Tail,” and special effects for “Star Trek: The Motion Picture,” soon to celebrate it 40th year. Philo worked many animated TV shows and video games including The “Smurfs,” “Scooby Doo,” “Jem and the Holograms,” “Space Ace,” “Dragons Lair,” and many more.

Charles D. Moisant, Comic Publisher and Author

Charles D. Moisant is the creative director of Silver Phoenix Entertainment, and he works with many artists, printing comic titles like Myth Told Tales by Robert Asprin and Jody Lynn Nye, Mystery Manor Haunted Theatre, and Whispers from the Void.

Doug Rice, Animaniacs artist

Doug Rice did storyboards and background layouts for “Steven Spielberg presents The Animaniacs” which earned him an Emmy certificate and ‘letter-of-congratulations’ from the head of WB animation. Doug is also a comic book artist who did art for STARBLAZERS (for Comico), PLASTIC MAN and MANHUNTER (for DC Comics), TOXIC AVENGER and WHAT THE–?! (for Marvel), ROGER RABBIT (for Disney Comics), TALES OF THE TMNT (for Mirage Comics), and STUPID (for Image Comics), among others.

Sadly, Jim Beard had to cancel Batcon 3 due to personal reasons.

Mark LeMieux, artist

Mark LeMieux is a freelance artist, actor and director of Platypus Productions. He has as associates degree in industrial design technology from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, where he was an Honors Graduate. He has had the honor of working with many amazing company’s and clubs including Kenner Toy Group, Hasbro Toys, Disney, Paramount, Upper Deck, Fox, Marvel, Ohio Star Wars Collectors Club (OSWCC), Kentucky is Star Wars Collectirs Club (KSWCC), and Ohio Kentucky Indiana Lego User Group (OKILUG). He owns and operates the freelance art company platypus productions that specializes in pop culture art and the comic strip Platrick and Swampie. He is a film maker, prop maker and cosplayer, specializing in film accurate costumes and props. He’s also a big nerd.

Andy “Shaggy” Korty, artist

Andy “Shaggy” Korty is the creator of The Manor, a comic about artists who live in a haunted boarding house.  What could ever go wrong?

Andy worked on other comics such as Say What!?!, Lafayette: Our Cancer Year (Purdue Oncology), Fred & Jesse, and For Real, A Priest in the Family (Vianney Vocations), and Hamilton coming out by Devils Due/1First Comics.  He also had guest strips run for various other comics like The Deadlys, Monsterhood, Platrick & Swampie, Bill the Barbarian, On the Grind, Punching the Clock, and P.I. Jane.

Andy is also the business manager for Empire Comics Lab as well as a penciler, inker, letterer, colorist, production . . . really he does everything and anything. He has Cynical Stew, Cemetery Plots, Actionthology, and Lab Rats.

You can check out more of Andy’s comics at and

Cameron Kotterman, artist

Cameron did the inking and flatting for the Marvel Legends Juggernaut series box art for Hasbro, created 2 covers and concept art pieces for Inbeon for their comic line “Hail Odin,” and he was selected to create cover art prompts for Marvel earlier this year. These titles include Spiderman and Black Cat, Groot and Rocket Raccoon (“Guardians of the Galaxy,”) and The All-New Wolverine.

His style is heavily rooted in realism and his passion lies with creating realistic art. Due to his work in comics, all of his work has more of a comic flair. Currently, Cameron is creating cover art and sequential art for an independent author’s comic line.

Sterling Clark, artist

Sterling Clark first entered the comics’ world back in 1991, with his own vigilante hero, ‘the Renegade!’ published by underground company Rip-Off Press. Since then he has worked on such projects as ‘The Night Stalker’ by Jeff Rice for Cinemaker Press, ‘Richard Matheson’s Kolchak Scripts’ for Gauntlet Press and his own novels, ‘Macabre Manifesto’ and Macabre Memoirs’ featuring his character Omar Lennyx.

He has also contributed art in the pages of the comic book ‘Spawn’ for Todd Mcfarlane and drawn as well as co-plotted stories with Gary Carlson for National Guardians #1 & 2 for Big Bang Comics.

These days Sterling’s work can be found in both the Kokomo Tribune and the Kokomo Perspective, the latter features his African-warrior adventure strip entitled, ’Ntombinde: the Girl Who Loves Danger!’

Troy R. Kinunen, sports and memorabilia evaluator

Formed in 2004, MEARS President/CEO Troy R. Kinunen is the founding member of MEARS (Memorabilia Evaluation and Research Services). With the creation of the company, Kinunen was the first professional authenticator of game-used bats and game-worn jerseys. The implementation of a 40-step worksheet, the industry’s most comprehensive database/research library, and his use of imagery analysis has created a standardized evaluation process which is now recognized as the gold standard of the industry. It is estimated MEARS has authenticated over $200,000,000 worth of authentic sports memorabilia and kept millions of dollars’ worth of fake items from entering the marketplace.

1966 Batman Experts

Troy Maynus, prop & costume maker & Batfan extraordinaire

Alex Szolt, Batshield maker, Robin cosplayer, & Batfan extraordinaire

John Whitt, Batman cosplayer & Batfan extraordinaire

Chris Chaisson, prop & costume maker and Batfan extraordinaire

Ivan Tabac, costume maker and Batfan extraordinaire