There are many exciting events planned throughout the two day convention:


Planned topics for the discussion panels will include “Why the 1966 Batman TV Show Matters,” aspiring artists can learn “How to Get Started in Comic Books.” find out how Fiberglass Freaks got started building 1966 Batmobiles
“Fiberglass Freaks: What We Do and How We Do It,” “Thirty Years Later: the 1989 Batman Movie,” and “Making Costumes for Cosplay.” Go here for the complete list of panels and times:

FREE Facepainting!

FREE Design Your Own Superhero Action Figure

COLORING CONTESTS both Saturday and Sunday!

COSTUME CONTESTS for adults and children! The adult contest will be at 3PM Saturday, and the children’s contest will be at 3PM Sunday

FREE MOVIE SCREENINGS at the Marymax Movie Theater Saturday at 8:30PM, with intro by Johnny Green of Johnny Green and the Greenmen.

HOLLYWOOD STAR CAR show on Sunday!